fromtheqoo: GOT7 BamBam was asked by the press about the racist comments against Lisa

Original Post: GOT7 Thai member was asked by the press about the racist comments against Lisa

Reporter: did you see the news?
BamBam: Yes, I saw it. I'm friends with Lisa noona so I called her and gave her my support. But in my opinion, it's not a big deal because it's a fact that there are more people who love Lisa noona. 
I knew Lisa noona even before I became an idol so I know what kind of person she is. Lisa noona is really nice and she has a good mind. There are some people who don't know that Lisa nooona is a good person, but in the future they'll soon know. 

Reporter: When you called her what did Lisa say?
BamBam: Lisa noona knows that there are people who support her. She also told me that if I do an interview, she'd like to tell everyone that she's thankful

Reporter: Was she stressed because of this news?
BamBam: No, I also asked her if she was okay she said she was fine. Thai idols who are in Korea all know each other. She told me to not worry and I told her that I'll buy her a meal once she's back in Korea.

Reporter: BamBam have you ever went through the same thing too?
BamBam: Yes there were some, but I think since this one was quite strong, it went viral. There are some about me but I don't pay attention to them. 


1. Oh the interview was done well
2. He's really good at talking. Those who sent racist comments please come to your senses. It should be something to be embarrassed about...
3. BamBam's really good with his words! But aren't these two friends?? Why call her noona
4. But no matter what, those crazy people who write comments on Nate will write the same thing again and again. It's going to be out in the news again, my head already hurts.....
5. No, but why did they ask this to Bam Bam. It's true that comments on Nate Pann are f*cking crazy, but I feel like they're doing it on purpose
6. What is this ㅋㅋ I just found out about this;; No but Nate Pann is Nate Pann
7. It's a known fact that comments on Nate celeb articles are low like that. They're all people who stay at home and do nothing other than typing on their keyboards


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